Home Security Services Provided by Xinyi Police Precinct, Taipei City Police Department
08-02-2015  臺北市政府警察局信義分局

The Xinyi Police Precinct of the Taipei City Police Department will provide home security services for residents who live in the Xinyi area during the Chinese Lunar New Year (Feb. 8 to Feb. 27, 2015).

Residents who plan to be out of town can request to have a temporary regular police patrol through their neighborhood.

Contact information:

1 Police hotline -110 during office hours (08:30-17:30).

2 Local police stations in Xinyi Police Precinct:

● Sanchangli Police Station,: 02-2729-5561

● Wufenpu Police Station: 02-2765-3349

● Wuxingjie Police Station: 02-2739-8997

● Fudejie Police Station: 02-2727-3424

● Liuzhangli Police Station: 02-2735-5068

3 Service Hotline for Residents:0800-024-111 (toll-free).